4 Australian Surfers Rescued In Remote Indonesian Waters

Four Australians who got lost in an Indonesian sea have been rescued, after more than 38 hours at sea, according to the parents of the missing tourists.

A dramatic video of that moment showed both the stranded castaways on their surfboards cheering and hollering alongside their rescuers. They were excited that they had been found. 

Australians Steph Weisse, Will Teagle, Jordan Short and two unnamed Indonesian nationals were hanging on their surfboards while waiting for a miracle. 

According to Foote’s father, Peter Foote, his son had gone to look for help after the storm. 

“He left his mates bobbing in the water to go to search for help. The charter boat found them and then went and found Elliot.”

“I’m really happy it’s all turned out well and I hope he continues with his holiday.”

“He’s in a great place to celebrate, with his girlfriend [Weisse] and 10 mates in paradise. He’s still got eight nights to enjoy then I’m looking forward to him coming straight home,” Peter said. 

The surfer’s boat hit the storm on a journey to the remote Pinang island from Nias, a popular surfing destination. 

According to their families, the four Australians were on a surf trip in Indonesia to celebrate Foote’s 30th birthday.

In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, DFAT said “the Australian Government expresses its deep gratitude” to those involved in the search and rescue efforts.