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Zoom Reveals A New Logo And Rebranding Of Its Products


Today, Zoom unveiled a fresh new logo along with some product updates. Zoom has created an expanded version of its new logo, where each “o” stands for a different product, such as Team Chat, Meetings, Rooms, etc., in case you thought it was just a video meeting app.

“What started as a video meeting app quickly moved into broadcast webinars, connected conference rooms, and more, and it continues to evolve and expand,” said Zoom Chief Marketing Officer Janine Pelosi today. “This evolution is more than a decade in the making. You will see it reflected today in our new look and refreshed visual identity. You’ll also see it in the innovation in our product offerings.”

Zoom Team Chat has replaced Zoom Chat as the company’s primary product update. The company wants to change the fact that this product hasn’t received as much attention as Zoom’s video meeting features in the past.

“Conversations begin during video calls and in the meeting chat box, but those conversations turn into something more in our persistent chat product,” explained Pelosi. Zoom Team Chat offers different channels just like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and it also supports external collaboration and integrations with third-party apps.

The company’s all-encompassing communication service, Zoom One, which also includes Zoom Meetings with up to 300 attendees, Zoom Whiteboard, and 5GB of cloud storage, includes Zoom Team Chat. During a webinar later this month, the company already has plans to announce additional improvements to Zoom Team Chat.

During the pandemic, Zoom’s popularity really took off, but the company is now seriously committed to becoming an all-in-one productivity solution. Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg tells Fast Company that the company aims to become the operating system for your workday. Although Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 both offer a wide range of capabilities, it will be challenging to convince businesses to switch from them to Zoom.

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