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∙ The Walters self-released their debut EP, Songs for Dads, in 2014 and had a viral hit with the lead single, “I Love You So.”
∙ In 2015, they caught the attention of Atlantic-owned label Canvasback Music, which released the songs “Hunk Beach” and “I Wanna Be Good” as part of its monthly Canvasclub singles series.
∙ The Walters teamed with famed indie-rock producer Phil Ek (The Shins, Fleet Foxes) for their final release—the 2017 single “She’s Gonna Leave You.”
∙ The group embarked on their first national tour in 2017, before returning to Chicago for their biggest hometown gig ever—Lollapalooza.
∙ After The Walters disbanded in 2017, lead singer Luke Olson started the project L. Martin, while the remaining members reunited under the name Corduroy in 2019 (Source: Apple Music)

Full real names:
Walter Kosner
Luke Olson
Charlie Ekhaus
MJ Tirabassi
Danni Wells

Did The Walter’s break up?
On September 23 2017, the band announced via their Facebook page that they “currently had no future plans to release new music as The Walters”. Following the band’s breakup, lead vocalist Luke Olson started a solo career under the moniker “L.

When Did The Walters Break up?
The Walters split back in 2017, Olson released solo music as L. Martin and formed the twangy pop duo the Olson Brothers with sibling Anthony. Meanwhile, the rest of the band stuck together and put out three singles as Corduroy.

How Old Are The Walters?
As of 2015, the lead guitarist Walter Kosner was 23, lead singer and guitarist Luke Olson was 24, Charlie Ekhaus was 23, vocalist and guitarist MJ Tirabassi was 23, and bassist Danny Wells 24.

Did The Walters Get Back Together?
Following a four-year hiatus, indie-rock band The Walters reunited in 2021 and finalized a deal with Warner Records, the company exclusively tells Billboard. The Chicago quintet will commemorate their reunion and a new deal with a string of live shows in December.

What Type of Music Does The Walters Sing?
The Walters’ are an indie rock band.

Musical works
Album: Young Men (2015)

E.P.: Songs for Dads (2014)

Notable singles: I Love You So (2014), Hunk Beach, I Wanna Be Good, Goodbye Baby (2015), She’s Gonna You (2017).