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Shortage Of Baby Formular & Rationing| How It Started. Solution


Babies are regarded as cute angels and angels aren’t supposed to go on hungry. However, that has not been the case for months as the shortage of baby foods and formula in the United States continues to bite harder.

When it all started

According to statistics, the shortage of supply of baby foods and other formulas started far back in 2021, with out-of-stock rates recorded at 2% to 8%.

It then rose steadily after the first half of the year to date, getting to 31% then a screaming 40% out-of-stock rate!

Currently, about seven American states including Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee have about 40% to 50% shortage of supply of baby formula.

Reason For the Shortage of Baby Formula

According to the Datasembly CEO Ben Reich, the cause of the short supply of baby formula includes; supply chain issues, product recalls and historic inflation.

Solution To The Problem

Although producers have said they are producing at their full capacity, a speedy solution or “walk-around” is welcome. Major pharmacy and retail store – CVS and Walgreens have resorted to limiting customers to a maximum of three toddler/infant formulas for any purchase. Probably, to prevent panic buying and hoarding.

Other major retail outlets such as Target and Walmart have also implemented similar measures.

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