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When Does r/place on Reddit Close / End And How To Do It?

When Does r/place on Reddit Close And How To Do It?

Reddit brought back its famous April Fools’ Day project, r/place.

r/place was first launched by Reddit on April 1, 2017, and it has been revived after five years, in 2022.

r/place is also the brainchild of Wordle inventor Josh Wordle.

This invention is going to last for a few days and if you desire to edit the canvas with colored pixels, you will be thought how to do it here.

What is r/place?

r/place is a sub-Reddit where social experiment on Reddit is hosted.

It features a large white space that can be filled with many colored pixels by Reddit-users who are logged in on the website.

The users can place one pixel at a time, once every five minutes, by simply tapping on it.

“The r/place experiment was a large success among the Reddit users having attracted over 16 million tiles from a million people,” The Verge.

How long will it last and how to do it?

r/place started on April 1 at 9am ET. It’s open for all users to engage until midnight on April 5.

You can be a part of the experiment only if you are logged in on the site.

Once you are already on the website, select the widget icon with the letter ‘P’ on the home feed or through the community drawer available on the app.

After which you can start placing the tile of your choice.

Those who are yet to login on Reddit cannot access the colored pixels, but they can still see the image evolve in real-time.


Users on Reddit are sure glad to be able to participate in r/place again after five years apart.

The concept of a real-time map is found to be highly fascinating and Twitter is filled with interesting images made on r/place.

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