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Top 5 Photo & Video Editors For Beginners (Free & Paid Plans)

If you’re just starting out with video editing, it can be tough to know where to start. With all of the different software options available, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular video editors for beginners and explain what each one is best for.

So whether you’re looking to create simple YouTube videos, Youtube Gaming banner, or professional-grade films, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the top 5 video editing tools for beginners.

  1. Movavi Video Editor Plus
What Are the Different Video Editors for Beginners - movavi

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a drag and drop video editing tool that is best for beginners. You do not need to be a professional to know the program. Super easy to use.

It also includes advanced features like editing audio, filters, transitions and sharing of files. Compatibility of this are both for MAC and Windows 10 PCs.

PAID: Yes, but there is a free trial, the downfall is that when you save all your videos it has watermarks.

2. Canva

What Are the Different Video Editors for Beginners - movavi

Canva is an online platform that will help you easily create anything you need. This includes
Instagram posts, invitations, business cards, logos, infographics, presentations, videos and
other stuff that you can think of.

It has a wide array of ready featured templates that you can choose from to start your editing. It is easy as drag and drop.

It also has thousands of free designs that you can choose from that can be customized with just a few clicks. They also provide free video tutorials that you can watch when you do your first editing.

PAID: Yes, but it also comes with a free trial, the downfall is that you cannot use all of the
templates your choices are limited.

3. Viddyoze

What Are the Different Video Editors for Beginners - movavi

Unlike any other editing tool, Viddyoze helps you to achieve your desired video by creating
intros, more high-quality vlogs for your channels, or using it as a marketing video. Anything you can think of can be done with this tool. When it comes to innovation and unique templates they are into the trend.

They also provide tutorials that will help you understand and see the tools that you needed in creating your first or your next video.

PAID: Yes, they have a free trial, downfall is that there are functions that are limited and can only be used when you upgrade. You need to consider your needs before doing an upgrade on how well you are going to go into editing your videos.


What Are the Different Video Editors for Beginners - movavi

VEED is one of the online video editing tool that supports creating videos and editing it in as easy as 1,2,3. It has some features that has the ability to filter, crop and trim videos to whatever you desire.

There are so many tools and feature of VEED that you can choose from such as adding subtitles, add audio to a no audio video, add text, crop, flip, loop, green screen, birthday video maker, video filters and so much more.

What Are the Different Video Editors for Beginners - movavi

In other words, VEED is also your new all-out video editor. It has all the features that you need when editing videos.

PAID: Yes, but it has a free trial as well. The downfall s that your storage is very limited.

5. Filmora

What Are the Different Video Editors for Beginners - movavi

Filmora is a video editing tool in a form of application developed by Wondershare. It includes various editing experience for beginner to advanced. It has a drag and drop features for editing such as effects, text and titles, rotate, trim, split, crop and many more.

The good thing about Filmora is that they have both computer and phone versions. They are:

a. Filmora – for beginners, simple and easy to use application with preset video templates
and effects.
b. FilmoraPro – this is the premium version that has more advanced access to all the
settings of the application.
c. FilmoraGo – this is the mobile version that are both accessible for both Android and IOS
smart phones.
d. FilmoraScrn – this is a screen recording tool for windows pc that has its own editing

This application is both accessible for Windows 10 Pcs and MAC users.

With all of the editing tools present online, you just have to choose which one suits you best.
Think of it as your baby that you need to take care of. Starters can try each and every tools and see which one can be beneficial to you today and for future use.

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