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Hair Loss Discovered In Covid-19 Survivors, Months After Recovery

Researchers at the School of Medicine at Indiana University in America found that almost a third of people reported hair shedding as a longer term effect of the virus.


Experts at Usak University in Turkey seconded, reporting that the number of people being diagnosed with alopecia in recent months had grown by 33 per cent when compared to the months prior to the pandemic.

The hair starts coming off within two to three months after recovery and the symptom could last for six to nine months before it stops.

Hair can then take a further nine months to recover and regain its normal fullness.

Hair Loss Study

Eva Proudman, who is a clinical trichologist at The Institute of Trichologists, said that telegenic effluvium can be a ‘frightening’ experience for people.

“It’s well known that telogen effluvium – to give excess hair shedding its clinical name- can be stimulated by acute illness and high fever which explains why numerous COVID-19 patients who suffered at the critical level back in March or April may now be experiencing hair shedding,” she said.

“Stress, shock or trauma can also bring on telogen effluvium – emotions and experiences that many COVID-19 patients have felt during these worrying few months.

“Increased hair shedding will most probably be a temporary issue and, reassuringly, it is unlikely that you will permanently lose any hair.”

“However, I do completely understand that it can be very frightening to experience and very stressful to look in the mirror and see the impact of hair shedding.”

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