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New Cases of Covid-19 Crash Despite Increased Carefree Attitude!


Take a look at the new cases of Covid-19 reported on the NCDC website and you would be quick to notice a drastic drop, as compared to previous times. Meanwhile, the drastic drop in new cases of Covid-19 is coming at a time people are most carefree, living as though the coronavirus was never in existence.

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The number of people taking precautions such as wearing nose masks, observing social distancing, washing or sanitizing of hands regularly, keeping away from crowded places, and minimizing movements or traveling if necessary have drastically reduced!

There is a far cry when you compare this ratio to the previous year, when the corona virus was “new in town” and was reportedly, rapidly spreading like the wild fires in Amazon rainforest, despite the fear and precautions been put in place both by the Government and the people.

So what could be the reason for the steady decline and low reported cases of new Covid infections despite the increased nonchalant attitude of people now?

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