Flash Flood Warning Issued for Parts of East-Central Georgia Amid Heavy Rainfall, See Photos & Video

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Severe weather conditions have prompted the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood warning for several counties in east-central Georgia. The affected areas include Columbia, McDuffie, and Richmond counties, with Augusta at particular risk.

Local authorities are reporting numerous incidents related to the heavy rainfall. Several roads have been closed due to flooding, including a major intersection in Evans. The downpour has also led to power outages, affecting thousands of residents in Columbia County.

The intense rain is causing concerns beyond road closures and power issues. Local businesses are feeling the impact, with at least one store in Harlem forced to close its doors due to flood waters. Emergency services are on high alert, responding to multiple reports of street flooding across the region.

Weather experts warn that the situation could worsen, particularly in urban areas where drainage systems may struggle to cope with the volume of water. There are also concerns for areas near rivers and streams, which could see rapid water level increases.

As the evening progresses, conditions remain volatile. While some areas have begun to see improvements, as McDuffie County has reported that their roads have cleared, officials still urge residents to stay vigilant and avoid unnecessary travel.

The National Weather Service continues to monitor the situation closely, with the possibility of extending or expanding the current flash flood warning. Residents are advised to stay informed through local news and official channels for the most up-to-date information on this developing weather event.