‘iCarly’ Creator Dan Schneider Sues Over ‘False’ Portrayal in Nickelodeon Abuse Docuseries

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Dan Schneider, the prolific creator behind hit Nickelodeon shows like “iCarly” and “Victorious,” has filed a defamation lawsuit against the producers of the docuseries “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.” The series, which became a major streaming hit for Max, investigated alleged misconduct and abuse on Schneider’s shows and at the children’s network.

In the lawsuit obtained by Variety, Schneider and his attorneys argue that while the series documented real cases of sexual abuse by crew members Brian Peck and Jason Michael Handy, it went too far in falsely implying that Schneider himself was complicit in or committed acts of child sexual abuse.

“While it is indisputable that two bona fide child sexual abusers worked on Nickelodeon shows, it is likewise indisputable that Schneider had no knowledge of their abuse, was not complicit in the abuse, condemned the abuse once it was discovered and, critically, was not a child sexual abuser himself,” the lawsuit states.

It alleges the series’ “portrayal of Schneider is a hit job” done for “clickbait, ratings, and views — or put differently, money.”

While the five-part series did spotlight Schneider’s admitted “bad leadership” and inappropriate workplace behavior, Schneider claims it crossed a line by falsely connecting him directly to criminal acts of child exploitation through “purposefully and intentionally defamatory” voiceovers, graphics and trailer editing.

In a statement, he said he has “no objection to anyone highlighting my failures as a boss, but it is wrong to mislead millions of people to the false conclusion that I was in any way involved in heinous acts like those committed by child predators.”

After the series premiered in March, Dan Schneider posted a video acknowledging and apologizing for past “embarrassing” behaviors he regretted. However, he maintained the actually criminal actions were committed by others without his knowledge.

“Quiet on Set” was based on interviews with former Nickelodeon stars like Drake Bell, who alleged he was sexually abused as a minor by the convicted felon Peck. It also resurfaced the disturbing arrest of production assistant Handy on charges of lewd acts with a child under 14.

While Dan Schneider’s lawsuit doesn’t dispute the existence of real predators in Nickelodeon’s orbit, it accuses the docuseries producers of unethically implying the iCarly creator’s direct involvement for salacious purposes.