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Way To Open Prowler Stashes In Spider-Man 2

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Upon the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, The Prowler, also known as Miles Morales’ uncle, has already given up on crime and hung up his hood. However, it turns out that he left a number of material stashes around the city that he can no longer access because he is under house arrest after speaking with Miles. You are sent out to gather these tiny resource caches so you can use them for yourself rather than letting them go to waste.

Although these are simple methods to obtain Rare Tech Parts, the Prowler didn’t just abandon them in the open. This is a guide explaining how to get to Prowler Stashes in Spider-Man 2.

The hunt starts when you enter the region of a Prowler Stash. Finding the stash is the first task; it’s hidden, so you’ll need to use your disguise to find it. You can locate the right position by following the sounds and scanning the environment while holding down L2. You must aim at the proper location and get close enough to see it.

The next step is to use your webs to open a secret region so that the concealed area can be seen. You must position yourself above or to the side of the door, depending on how it opens, in order to attach your webs and pull it open.

In contrast to standard yanking doors, these require you to maintain L2 and R2 inside the yellow bars on the screen by applying differing amounts of pressure against the resistant triggers. Before swinging it open, you must hold both in place for a few seconds after they are in place. To open a second door, this normally needs to be done once more, but the process is the same.

After all the doors are unlocked, you can enter and gather your treasure to get some awesome improvements.

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