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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert And Companion Kicked Out Of Colorado Theater


A Colorado theater booted Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and a male friend for reportedly misbehaving during a performance of the traveling production of “Beetlejuice.”

Following complaints from audience members that they were “causing a disturbance,” Boebert (R-CO) and the companion got into a fight with staff members at Denver’s Buell Theater on Sunday night, according to an incident report obtained by the Denver Post.

Although the incident was caught on camera and neither Boebert nor her sidekick was named in the report, her rep later verified it.

According to the report, the two were “vaping, singing,” and “recording the performance,” which is against the theater’s code of conduct. They were asked to leave, and when they refused, the usher threatened to call Denver PD.

Without sound, surveillance video captures Boebert and her buddy conversing with theater employees while they were sitting close to each other throughout the play.

Security officers lead the two through the venue’s hallways and out of the theater after roughly a minute.

Boebert eventually makes a little turn and looks to throw one person off guard. While speaking, she also makes an aggressive gesture toward the security guard.

After being shown the door, she and her friend exit hand in hand through the performing arts center.

According to the police complaint, Boebert and her friend said things to theater employees like “do you know who I am,” “I’m on the board,” and “I’ll be contacting the mayor.”

The investigation also noted that, prior to Boebert’s altercation, a public service broadcast before the first intermission urged all audience members to adhere to the behavior guidelines.

In a statement to the Denver Post, Boebert’s representative denied the congresswoman vaped during the performance but acknowledged that she took several pictures despite being aware that doing so would violate theater policy.

The rep added Boebert is “indeed a supporter of the performing arts (gasp!) and, to the dismay of a select few, enthusiastically enjoyed a weekend performance of ā€˜Beetlejuice.'”

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