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Top 11 Reasons Why Nigerians & Africans Relocate Abroad (U.S., Europe & U.K.)

Photo Credit: Oyemike Princewill (Unsplash)

Africa is a gorgeous continent with unique landscapes and rich cultures. However, many African countries, such as Nigeria, rank far below the average Human Development Index. As a result, people emigrate from their homelands to seek better opportunities. The most popular destinations include the U.S., the U.K., and members of the European Union. 

Let’s see what makes these places perfect for starting a new life if you’re from Nigeria or other African nations. 

Reasons for Moving to the West 

According to Three Movers, a popular moving broker website, moving companies are busy all year long due to many people leaving Africa. Here’s why the U.S., U.K., and Europe are attractive options.

1. No Wars 

Nigeria has many security threats throughout the country. Long-running Islamist rebellion and militia activity (banditry) continue to ravage the northern regions. Likewise, the Biafra separatist insurrection has caused major unrest in southern parts. Much of Africa face the same problem, which is why many people want to relocate. 

Moving to the U.S., U.K., or Europe makes Africans feel safer because they’re away from conflicts. They don’t have to worry about terrorist kidnappings or whether the military will need to use their house as a temporary shelter. Therefore, moving to the West promises a more peaceful life. 

2. Higher Standard of Living 

Another significant reason Africans relocate from the continent is the low standard of living. Except for countries in the Mediterranean, South Africa, Gabon, and some island nations, African countries generally lack social security networks and stable economies. 

This is rarely a problem in the Western world. People who move here enjoy a higher quality of life with virtually unlimited access to critical amenities: 

  • Medical care 
  • Clean water 
  • Food supply 
  • Constant electricity access

Besides these elements, Western societies offer secondary conveniences to make lives more enjoyable, such as sports and entertainment. 

3. Robust Education Opportunities 

Nigerians who move to the U.K., U.S., or Europe with children prioritize areas with excellent education opportunities. Only a few universities in Africa rank among the top 500 in the world, which is a huge obstacle for ambitious people. 

It’s also one of the main reasons Africans relocate to Western countries. The schooling standard is much higher, and you can choose from a number of schools for your child. Whether you want your young one to follow an international, American, or British curriculum, you’ll have practically endless options. Whatever you select, you can rest assured, knowing your kid will receive a high-quality education from an accredited institution. 

If you have an older child or want to continue your education, the U.S. might be your best option. It has renowned institutions that regularly top the rankings of global education systems. 

4. Political Freedom 

Some African countries are restrictive. They persecute different groups to the point that life becomes impossible. 

Africans who want to escape repression, generally move to the U.S. and Europe. These areas are known for upholding human rights and promoting political freedom. 

5. Exploring Culinary Cultures 

African cuisine is renowned, but if you’re a true Nigerian gourmand, you want to try foods from other countries. The U.S., the U.K., and the rest of Europe foster a spectacular culinary culture. There are millions of restaurants that serve dishes from every part of the world to tickle your taste buds. Even if you relocate to a small town, you’ll be able to eat savory meals in friendly environments. 

For instance, the U.S. is particularly famous for its opportunities to experience culinary traditions. Besides restaurants specializing in worldwide cuisines, you can enjoy a wide array of simple yet palatable national dishes. Whether you want to try mac and cheese for the first time or indulge in a massive hamburger, you’ll never get enough. 

6. Meeting Fascinating People

Africa has many enchanting countries, but they receive much fewer visitors than Europe and the U.S. due to conflicts. Hence, Nigerians and other peoples rarely get a chance to interact with individuals from different backgrounds. 

On the other hand, experiencing different traditions is common in the U.S. and Europe. There are tourists from China, Japan, Australia, and the rest of the planet. Most of them speak English, allowing you to create strong relationships and understand fascinating cultures. 

7. Captivating Nature 

Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and other African countries are a must-visit. But if you’ve lived here for 30-40 years, you’ve probably seen every landmark and natural wonder. If you want to keep exploring – the U.S. and Europe are fantastic choices. 

If you relocate to the U.K., U.S., Germany, France, or Italy, you’ll be able to visit mesmerizing places every day. From colossal lakes and rugged mountain ranges to coastlines and canyons, there are countless captivating locations. 

For instance, the Azores lie about 900 miles off the coast of Lisbon. This unique archipelago has lush valleys, steep cliffs, waterfalls, and blue hydrangeas visitors fall in love with at first sight. 

Moving to the U.S. allows you to discover vast national parks, wilderness areas, and diverse ecosystems. Your road trip can last for months. You’ll travel in peace, knowing your house won’t be repossessed due to political problems or destroyed in a war while you’re away. 

8. Better Climate 

African climate is largely unforgiving. Most areas are too hot for a comfortable life, which is another reason people relocate abroad. 

Places like the U.S., France, and Italy have favorable climates with moderate temperatures and humidity. This results in fewer droughts to further improve living conditions.

9. Missionary Work 

Some Africans go to the West to promote their religions in foreign countries. Their mission usually lasts for a few months, but they may also decide to stay. They start a new life away from political persecution and unrest. 

10. Love 

Love isn’t a common reason Nigerians and other Africans relocate abroad, but it can be a significant factor. This is especially true nowadays when the internet lets people communicate with individuals from around the world. They may form powerful connections and fall in love with someone they met on Facebook or Instagram. Eventually, they might move to live together with their loved ones. 

11. Embrace Your Opportunities 

Moving from your African homeland is challenging. However, it’s less daunting if you’re relocating to the U.S., U.K., or European Union due to a higher standard of living, safety, and other factors. So, don’t hesitate to start your new life – find a reliable transportation company and embark on a new adventure.

Here’s an infographic on the points stated above, on why Africans, especially Nigerians, travel and relocate permanently to western countries like the United States, Canada, the UK, and Europe.


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