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Video: Moment Blue Ivy Carter Bid $80k For Lorraine Schwartz Diamond Earrings At The Wearable Art Gala In LA


Blue Ivy Carter may only be ten years old, but she is already a multi-millionaire with accomplishments that many artists can only dream of in their careers.

Blue was destined to lead a life unlike many others because she is the firstborn child of the legendary superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and fans can’t get enough of the glimpses they receive into her opulent existence.

The celebrity offspring casually bid over $80,000 for a set of Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings over the weekend, shocking followers.

According to Buzz Bingo, Beyoncé ($426m) and Jay-Z ($1.1b) are individually worth over $1.5 billion, giving their three children — Blue Ivy, 10, and the twins Sir and Rumi, who are four years old — an amazing $510 million each. Social media users were nonetheless in disbelief that the pre-teen was able to contribute such a sizable sum of money to the event.

If Blue Ivy’s substantial wealth wasn’t enough to draw attention, the young star has quickly emerged as a household name after hinting that she might already be in charge of her rich parents.

When six-year-old Blue was photographed telling her parents to stop clapping during Havana singer Camila Cabello’s address about the value of Dreamer children in 2018, the video quickly went viral.

She was once more the topic of discussion online earlier this year after it appeared that she was embarrassed when her famous father offered a public embrace and kiss at the NBA Finals game in June.

The little actress, however, has also garnered media attention for her history-making triumphs at award ceremonies and her scene-stealing cameos in her parents’ ground-breaking works.

In fact, if Blue decides to pursue a career in music and entertainment, she could surpass the accomplishments of her family members.

Here, FEMAIL examines the young star’s opulent upbringing, which seems to have already prepared her to become a successful businesswoman.

Being branded “the most famous baby in the world” by Time magazine just two days after her birth in 2012, Blue Ivy has lived her entire life in the spotlight.

Buzz Bingo estimates that Beyoncé ($426 million) and Jay-Z ($1.1 billion) are each worth £1.5 billion, giving their three children $510 million each.

To get the estimated net worth per child, the information from celebrity parents’ total estimated net worth in USD was totaled, divided evenly among the number of children, and ranked.

Her parents made an unsuccessful attempt to register her name as a trademark not long after she was born since Blue Ivy was the name of an existing company.

They have now submitted trademark applications for Blue Ivy Carter for a number of products and services, including fragrance, beauty, fashion, and entertainment.

Beyoncé recently threw some not-so-subtle shade at wedding planner Wendy Morales in court documents, noting that Morales is attempting to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter” and not “Blue Ivy.” The trademark issue is currently pending.

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