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Man charged in connection with the Delphi murders after 5 years

The Delphi Murder case; Abby Williams and Liberty German
The Delphi Murder case; Abby Williams and Liberty German

A man named Richard Allen has allegedly been charged and booked into Carroll County Jail Friday in connection with the Delphi murders investigation.

Nobody can confirm if he was booked as an accessory or if he was booked for the Delphi murders themselves.

The law enforcement authorities had announced that they would be having a press conference on the case on Monday, and Allen has been moved to a state facility for his safety, making it seem like the police have their guy.

In 2017, Libby German and Abby Williams went missing on February 13 on the Monon High Bridge. The next day, their bodies were found.

The Delphi murders case was huge and personal, as it involved teenage girls. Everyone had their opinion on the identity of the killer, but the police could not get anywhere for over five years.

Police released two different sketches of potential suspects. Key evidence included audio and photos from Libby German’s phone, with police releasing an audio clip of a man saying, “Down the hill.”

An FBI agent believed that Ron Logan, the owner of the land where the girl’s bodies were found needed to answer some questions. He also believed that there was a need to search his property.

The search was productive as it revealed additional details about the Delphi Murders investigation, including that the recording in which the “down the hill” audio originally lasted 43 seconds, only a fraction of which has been released to the public.

The investigators also found a large amount of blood at the scene, meaning that whoever killed the girls had a lot of blood on their clothing.

The police also believed that the killer had taken souvenirs from the crime scene. Police released two sketches of the possible perpetrator but they still lacked the edge to take this forward.

Logan also lied about his alibi, according to investigators. He was never named as a suspect or charged in connection with the Delphi case.

Hopefully, they have their guy in custody, as Ron is dead.

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