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Ray Allen Blasts Youtuber For Farting Prank


After the well-known YouTuber tried to play a fart joke on the NBA Hall of Famer, Ray Allen yelled at him, telling him to “keep it going!”

In the YouTube video, which showed Allen getting a few goods from Target, Lofe, a popular YouTuber with almost a million subscribers, was following him.

A video of the prank shows Lofe approaching Allen and repeatedly farting close to him, which enrages the former Celtics player.

“My man! I know you hear me,” Allen is heard saying in the clip … “You following me around trying to do some bulls**t over here. I know you hear me. Keep it moving!”

Allen kept berating the YouTuber and scolding the boys for continuing to record even after he requested them to stop.

Allen was not pleased with the explanation given by the guys, who claimed they were just taking pictures of him. He said, “I’m not cool with that.”

After the conversation, Lofe insisted he didn’t know he was playing a joke on Ray Allen and that he just assumed the latter to be an ordinary guy.

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