Fans Of Olivia Rodrigo Are Horrified By The News That She Is Dating A 26-Year-Old


Fans of Olivia Rodrigo have collectively expressed their displeasure on social media in response to rumors that she has started dating a music entrepreneur who is seven years older than her.

According to a report from People on Tuesday, Rodrigo, 19, and Zack Bia, 26, have been dating since the middle of February. A source told the publication that the two “really like each other.”

The rumor quickly spread to Twitter, where several angry remarks were made about how much younger Rodrigo is than Bia, co-founder of small label Field Trip Recordings, even though little further information was provided.

Award-winning artist Rodrigo dated Adam Faze, 25, a creator of music videos, according to People, with the publication reporting on their alleged breakup in February.

In the meanwhile, Bia has had romantic relationships in the past with singer Madison Beer and, more recently, with Outer Banks actress Madelyn Cline.

Many people voiced their opposition to the relationship due to the couple’s age gap as soon as the fresh romance news was posted on Twitter. The legal drinking age in the United States is 18.

As they commented on the report, another Twitter user linked their age to the situation.

“Me, who will turn 26 in a few days, feels queasy simply thinking of being with someone even two years younger than me, let alone someone who is 19? a person who is hardly an adult, “They added puking emoji to their comment.

While this was going on, a Twitter user speculated that Rodrigo might simply prefer to date men who are a little older than her.

Those followers of Christ wrote, “My folks, this girl’s dating history is extremely telling: she prefers them older.” You guys can say whatever you want, and she will still search for an older male.

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