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2022 WWE Wrestlemania Backlash’s True Winners And Losers


WrestleMania Backlash, although sharing a name with The Most Stupendous Two-Night Event in WrestleMania History, did not feel as remarkable as last month’s spectacle. With only six battles on the schedule, it fell to a select group of WWE superstars to deliver.

Cody Rhodes kept his WWE-winning run going by defeating Seth Rollins once more, and Omos put on his greatest performance yet against Bobby Lashley. Rhea Ripley stepped in to assist Edge, putting herself in the middle of one of Raw’s biggest feuds.

Many names benefited greatly from this show, but many more were overlooked due to the limited lineup.

WWE Backlash has always been a chance to forge a new route after WrestleMania, and this night provided many with the opportunity to be true victors or losers heading into the summer and beyond.

Cody Rhodes became victorious

Cody Rhodes is exactly where he needs to be, and it shows in the amount of work he’s put in since his return to WWE.

His style fits the company’s fast-paced, signature-move-focused action inside the ring, and it’s resulting in some show-stoppers.

In the opener, Rhodes and Seth Rollins fought of the night and one of the year. They outshone their WrestleMania match with more drama behind the action, setting the stage for a third match shortly.

The American Nightmare is one of the few WWE talents who feels like a true big eventer. He can defeat Roman Reigns, which nearly no one else in the company has.

This is due to presentation and scheduling. Since his return, he has been unstoppable, and the entire crowd has rallied behind him.

The American Nightmare has established himself as an undisputed champion, the type of celebrity who will raise the gold medal when he wins it.

winner: Omos

Omos lost his first singles bout at WrestleMania 38, but he avenged it on Sunday thanks to MVP.

This was a far more competitive match, demonstrating that The Nigerian Giant could battle with Bobby Lashley.

It was chaotic at times, demonstrating what Omos still needs to learn before receiving a real push. Obtaining enough trust from WWE to defeat The All-Mighty, on the other hand, was a significant first step.

Lashley has won two WWE championships. He could face Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre tomorrow and no one would bat an eye. Defeating him entails more than simply squashing jobbers, as the monster has done in the past.

Omos and MVP appear to be a formidable team in WWE. This is only the beginning of their success together.

All Omos has to do now is keep studying.

Winner: Rhea Ripley


In his back-and-forth with AJ Styles, Edge was not authorized to seek assistance from Damian Priest, but he had another plan.

The Phenomenal One was knocked off the top rope by a hooded Rhea Ripley, setting up the Judgment Day leader to triumph.

The Nightmare has been quietly establishing a reputation in WWE, although she has yet to establish herself in a significant angle. At WrestleMania Backlash, that changed.

She’ll now be collaborating with two of Raw’s top heels. Ripley is the third member of a trio that should be dominating every week, even though female wrestlers are uncommon in WWE stables.

Unfortunately, the initial bout between Ripley and Liv Morgan wasn’t able to take place before this reveal, but the feud is sure to acquire traction following Sunday’s events.

Losers: The Major Stars Left off This Card for No Reason

Many of WWE’s top stars were absent on a night when the majority of the talent on the event shone.

Bianca Belair, Theory, and Ricochet were all left out, but Omos, Happy Corbin, and Madcap Moss were given a chance.

Becky Lynch chastised The EST of WWE for not being on the card, although this isn’t entirely her fault. She worked on a story with Sonya Deville that aired on Raw, but she was unable to attend the PPV.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have been traveling around with Sasha Banks and Naomi, putting the spotlight on the women’s belts. They will not defend their championships until Friday’s episode of SmackDown.

Kevin Owens headlined WrestleMania 1 with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, yet his tale with Ezekiel was completely ignored on this card. Ricochet, the Intercontinental champion has not competed in either of the last two PPVs.

This has no rational explanation. The main event featured a six-man tag team match with four champions, but there was no gold on the line.

At the very least, there was room to showcase underutilized talent, but the six-match schedule failed to do so as well.

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