China Denies British Accusation of Political Interference.

China has denied the accusation made by the British Intelligence, who stated that they sent a spy with the cover of an investigative journalist to interfere in their politics.

They quickly dismissed the accusation through the foreign ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin.

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“China has no need to and will never engage in the so-called interference,” saying those behind the accusation “may be too obsessed with James Bond 007 movies and made some unnecessary associations, ” he said.

Tensions between both countries have risen over accusations of economic fraud, human rights abuses, and Beijing’s crackdown on civil liberties in the former British colony of Hong Kong.

While making a statement, Wang requested that relevant British officials should refrain from making groundless allegations and hyping the China threat to serve (the government’s) ulterior motives.”

“It is highly irresponsible to make sensational remarks based on hearsay evidence and certain individuals’ conjecture,” He said.