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I’ll reject your mother’s food! Amanda Chisom blasts Williams Uchemba for not sipping wine in Traditional Marriage!

Amanda Chisom blasts Williams Uchemba for not sipping wine in Traditional Marriage

Social media influencer and online personality, Amanda Chisom, blasted Williams Uchemba as well as other men who didn’t take a sip out of the palm wine presented by the bride in their traditional wedding ceremony.

She let out her vent on comedian Uchemba who did the same in his wedding with Brunella Oscar, and went as far as saying she would reject food presented to her by her mother-in-law if her husband tries such!

“I decided to do eye right in this matter because you just do not have an opinion in everything and people should do as they please but seeing a lot of young people say ” Oh my husband will not drink, they will kill him, I will not drink they will kill me” now i need to know. As  Christians, are you that easy to kill? As atheists and realist, if somebody wants to use diabolical means to kill you, why would they need to feed you traceable poison when they can feed you in the dream and kill you without trace. You guys are very funny.

So you all come from family that kill people? So my father will sip wine, I will sip, it is my husband that will not drink. Do you people even know the significance of the process? My husband must drink. Or I will reject his mother’s food yes since we are all being foolish.. Keep creating wrong impression about your family to men. Simple “blood of Jesus christ,  neutralise,  whatever is not good in this while you go to him.” If my husband pours his drink, I will go and get fresh one. Use your sense sometimes and stop letting people label everything fetish”.

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