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Top Tips to Achieve Positive Body Image 

Comparison is gradually becoming a trend we cannot shake off; one’s appearance and accomplishments are usually weighed against societal expectations. Society often demands high levels of perfection whenever beauty is concerned, from weight to height, skin color, and hair. The pressure is often left to an individual to match these expectations. The pressure from society can lead to depression, especially for the younger generation, who are still going through various body transformations and may not have the mental strength to take these criticisms. 

While looking past these harsh opinions on appearance can be challenging, one can still maintain a positive image. By considering everything your body can do and not what it looks like, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking people’s opinions with a pinch of salt, you will have the upper hand at achieving body positivity instead of fitting into societal pressure. Let’s review the top tips for staying positive about your appearance. 

Love Your Body

Top Tips to Achieve Positive Body Image 

Identifying what living healthy means and how to work around your health and fitness goals is best. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping fit are among the primary ways of self-care. Staying fit enhances a positive body image regardless of societal expectations. Once you learn to love your body, you will avoid any triggers that may affect your positivity. By avoiding such, one can thrive in various aspects, from work to school – it will be easier to handle your job without depending on colleagues, and you will be in good spirits to work on your assignments and do them well like a pro writer at an essay service.  

Look Beyond Your Appearance 

Sometimes, we pay more attention to our appearance and forget to appreciate what our body does. Dwelling on appearance sometimes leads people to interfere with their physique to match society’s definition of perfect. However, you can work on such insecurities by paying more attention to what you do and appreciate. For example, if the insecurity concerns your height, list things that your height, whether short or tall, allows you to do with little effort. Once you identify such positive attributes, you can establish a more fulfilled life free of insecurities. 

Embrace More Positive Thoughts 

So many voices and opinions may change what we think about our appearance; however, you are the only one who can determine your worth. Therefore, you should channel your energy into embracing positive thoughts and blocking the noise. Confidence in your body image will be determined by how comfortable you are in your size and your ability to challenge any negative thoughts externally or personally. To counter these negative thoughts, you should develop positive affirmations and find reasons to love your body more. Once you love yourself, it will be hard to bend to any extreme societal norms. You can write down the things you love about your body to achieve more positive thoughts.

You can also introspect to identify non-physical attributes you love about yourself. It is good to appreciate there is more to you than just a good body or the best skin tone. Do not ignore your insecurities. Instead, you can list down ways you can use to appreciate your flaws. Remember to be more compassionate with yourself as you understand the best attributes and imperfections. 

Avoid Social Media Comparisons 

Social media profile page in smartphone screen at work. Woman looking at feed, status update or post with mobile phone. Inefficient lazy worker avoiding job. Social media profile page in smartphone screen at work. Woman looking at feed, status update or post with mobile phone. Inefficient lazy worker avoiding job. Follow, like or send friend request. people on social media stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Comparing various essay services is essential when you want to buy an essay online – it helps identify the best service. But comparisons shouldn’t be encouraged when it comes to body image. We live in a social media era where our interactions are more fluid and comparisons heightened. It is easy to compare yourself to supermodels on Instagram with amazing bodies and skin color. Ignoring these comparisons and societal beliefs about the perfect appearance is hard. Some people have fallen into depression for failing to fit into the ideal body narrative. And it’s even worse because students are being introduced to social media early, and these narratives may harm their overall well-being. Moreover, such comparisons often affect their academic outcomes, especially if one is on the receiving end. 

It is normal to compare yourself to others; however, you should not let such thoughts consume you. It’s best to appreciate that while your body may not be as fit as your friends, you may have some outstanding features that they don’t have. Identify your best features and find a way to appreciate the imperfections of your body. Also, avoid social media pages that put people down because of their bodies – unfollow or block them. 

Set Healthy Goals and Boundaries 

Thinking of your body in a negative light can sometimes make you set some unrealistic healthy goals, resulting in poor eating habits such as anorexia. Setting realistic health goals is best so you are not pressured to fit into a particular body type. Once you set healthy goals, you will fit into your desired weight without hating yourself or making extreme sacrifices. Sometimes, the pressure from friends or even social media can be too much, thus the need to set healthy boundaries. It means you will surround yourself with people who speak positively about you. Avoiding friends who you talk down on your physical appearance may be the best boundary and an excellent way to stay sane as you strive to achieve your desired shape or body size.  


Embracing a positive mindset about your body is the best kicker for beating negative body image issues. We may not all be comfortable with our bodies; however, it is good to appreciate that we are all different, and our differences make us stand out. Society’s idea of a perfect body can be consuming, and you can beat such norms if you embrace positive thoughts, love yourself more, set healthy goals, and look past your appearance. With an easy practice but with gradual steps, you can achieve it. We often fall victim to body shaming on social media, at the workplace, or in school. If you have been a victim of such, you can use the tips mentioned above to overcome negative body image and rise above the societal definition of the perfect body. 

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