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Trump Ally Nigel Farage Heckles Opponents As Far-Right Reform UK Party Gains In U.K. Election


The Labour Party and its leader, newly appointed British Prime Minister Keir Starmer, decisively won the U.K. general election. However, as Starmer began assembling his new cabinet, another politician was eager to celebrate his party’s smaller gains. Nigel Farage, leader of the far-right Reform UK party and a polarizing figure in British politics, faced heckling from protesters as he delivered a speech in London on Friday.

Despite the interruptions, Farage smiled through the disruptions and even engaged with his hecklers, chanting “boring!” as they were escorted out of the venue.

In Thursday’s national election, Reform UK secured only five seats in the 650-seat House of Commons. Nevertheless, Farage views this as a significant achievement, doubling his party’s previous representation.

Farage argues that the U.K.’s first-past-the-post voting system disproportionately favors larger parties and vowed to push for electoral reform. More importantly for Farage, his party garnered approximately 15% of the total vote, surpassing even the Liberal Democrats in overall votes but not seats.

Farage, 60, achieved personal success by winning a seat in his home constituency of Clacton, Southeast England, after multiple unsuccessful attempts. Initially founded as the Brexit Party in 2018, Reform UK advocates for a complete break from the European Union and stringent immigration controls.

Often likened to his American counterpart, former U.S. President Donald Trump, Farage shares a similarly bold political style and nationalist rhetoric. He has appeared at Trump’s events in the U.S. and hosted him in Britain.

On Friday, Trump congratulated Farage on his parliamentary victory via his social media platform, Truth Social, highlighting Farage’s dedication to his country without acknowledging Labour’s electoral triumph or Starmer’s new leadership.

Farage’s campaign faced scrutiny due to controversies, including offensive remarks attributed to Reform UK candidates. On election day, he pledged to professionalize his party’s operations moving forward.

Looking ahead, both the Labour and Conservative Parties will focus on devising strategies to counter the rising far-right sentiment observed not only in Reform UK’s vote share but also across Europe in recent years, despite their limited parliamentary presence.

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