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Video: Hospital Forcing Women To Have C-Section To Get Free Placentas Uncontaminated Through Vaginal Birth Valued At $50k To $500k | Used For Evil Spells

Video: Hospital Forcing Women To Have C-Section To Get Placentas Uncontaminated Through Vaginal Birth Valued At $50k to $500k | Used For Evil Spells
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Here is a video clip from Dannymorel Podcast where a lady said that more women were being forced into delivering their babies via c-sections so that the hospitals could get the baby’s placentas uncontaminated.

According to her, placentas gotten via normal vaginal birth are contaminated and valued much lesser than those gotten via ceasarian section.

She also revealed that placentas sell from $50,000 to as much as $500,000, depending on its state.

She alleged that big pharma companies were the buyers of those placentas, and they use it for various health and beauty products, including medical procedures.

Video below:

In another quarter, many say that cutting the umbilical cord from the baby immediately after birth is wrong, as the placenta is supposed to still be attached to the baby and will give the newborn all the vitamins and nutrients needed.

Many women after delivery usually leave the placenta and umbilical cord at the hospital thinking that it will either be discarded as medical waste or donated to be used for some research purpose.

Hospitals, on the other hand, do not disclose what they do with these placentas.

It has also been said that placentas have a deep spiritual undertone that can be used in the preparation of black magic rituals or voodoo, in order to conjure supernatural powers for evil.

A growing number of parents opt to take possession of their baby’s placenta and bury or burn it themselves. Many traditions and cultures across Africa and the world, have special rituals performed to dispose of the placenta, signifying its importance.

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