Penguin Villain From Wallace And Gromit Makes A Comeback In New Netflix Short Teaser


I always feel a sense of relief when a new Aardman Animation project is announced. The studio, known for some of the most imaginative stop-motion projects over the past 50 years, might not be as famous or commercially dominant as Walt Disney Animation, but founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton’s quirky claymation company remains crucial to the art form. So, you can imagine my excitement when Netflix announced a new adventure featuring Aardman’s beloved characters, Wallace and Gromit.

Scheduled for release “this winter” but marked as a 2025 release in Netflix’s announcement, Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl continues the story of the well-meaning inventor Wallace and his watchful dog Gromit, now facing the challenges of modern technology.

According to the synopsis, Wallace has become deeply engrossed in Silicon Valley innovations, and Gromit’s concern about Wallace’s increasing reliance on his inventions proves to be justified. The crisis escalates when Wallace’s AI “smart” gnome goes rogue. Adding to the chaos, the scheming penguin Feathers McGraw is revealed to be behind the turmoil.

Feathers McGraw, introduced in the 1993 Oscar-winning short The Wrong Trousers — one of the greatest chase movies of all time — is a silent criminal mastermind known for disguising himself as a chicken with a red rubber glove.

He has made brief appearances in other Wallace and Gromit shorts, their feature film The Curse of the Wererabbit, and the 2003 video game Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo. However, Vengeance Most Fowl promises to give Feathers his true sequel moment, as shown in the film’s teaser.

Despite Aardman’s distinctively British films struggling to resonate with American audiences — with movies like The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Shaun the Sheep, and Early Man being global hits but only minor successes in the U.S. — the streaming era has been favorable to the studio.

Following the release of last year’s Chicken Run sequel on Netflix, Aardman also partnered with Disney in 2023 to produce a segment for the Star Wars: Visions anthology series. Additionally, last December, Aardman launched a Wallace and Gromit VR game for Meta Quest, demonstrating that these characters can thrive in any medium.

Releasing a new Wallace and Gromit short on Netflix is an obvious choice and a mark of respect: if Wes Anderson can do it, so can Aardman.