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New Book By Michael Crichton And James Patterson Highlights Mauna Loa Eruption

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A collaboration between two literary giants, James Patterson and the late Michael Crichton, has resulted in a compelling new book titled “Eruption,” which vividly recounts the tale of a volcanic catastrophe.

Michael Crichton, renowned for his work on “Jurassic Park,” passed away in 2008 at the age of 66. Following his demise, his widow, Sherri, delved into his archives, aware of an incomplete manuscript detailing a volcanic eruption in Hawaii.

The manuscript focused on the imminent eruption of Mauna Loa on Hawaii Island, posing a threat not only to local residents but also unveiling a sinister revelation: the presence of buried radioactive waste by the U.S. military nearby. This revelation adds a catastrophic dimension, as the waste could be unleashed into the atmosphere by the lava, potentially resulting in the annihilation of life on Earth. However, the manuscript concluded abruptly, leaving readers on an unintended cliffhanger.

Crichton began working on “Eruption” in 1980, a decade before the publication of “Jurassic Park.” His extensive research included multiple visits to Hawaii, where he conducted on-site investigations and filmed numerous interviews with volcanologists, leaving behind a trove of valuable footage.

After years of searching, Sherri Crichton found a fitting author to complete the project in James Patterson, acclaimed for his prolific writing and the creation of the popular Alex Cross series. Patterson, intrigued by the storyline, eagerly agreed to bring closure to the narrative, stating his curiosity about its ending.

“Eruption” is Michael Crichton’s fourth posthumously published novel, further cementing his lasting reputation in the literary community.

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