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Michelle Troconis Jailed For More Than 14 Years After Aiding Boyfriend To Murder His Wife


Michelle Troconis, a Connecticut resident found guilty of aiding her boyfriend in the 2019 murder of his estranged wife, was given a 14½-year prison sentence on Friday following a tearful, lengthy trial.

This year, Troconis, 49, was found guilty on six criminal counts, the most serious of which was conspiracy to murder concerning the passing of Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five from New Canaan.

She was given a 20-year sentence by Stamford Superior Court Judge Kevin Randolph, which will be suspended after 14.5 years and followed by 5 years of probation.

In stark contrast to the prosecution’s request for 45 years, the defense had pleaded for probation.

However, according to Hartford lawyer James Bergenn, Troconis might be eligible for parole after serving as little as 7¼ to 12⅓ real years if he receives good behavior credits.

Although Bergenn found it challenging to listen to the emotionally charged testimony on Friday, he thought the judge rendered a just decision.

Although they were disappointed that their 45-year request was denied, the prosecution acknowledged Randolph’s decision.

Carrie Luft, a friend of the victim and family representative, says that Dulos’s loved ones are pleased with the judge’s decision.

Randolph overturned Troconis’ conviction for conspiracy to tamper with evidence on one count before sentencing. The fact that her punishments are to be served concurrently means that this ruling has no bearing on the total sentence.

2020 saw the death of Troconis’ boyfriend, luxury home builder Fotis Dulos, who was the main suspect in the disappearance of his estranged wife. Dulos attempted suicide twice before passing away.

He was thought to have murdered Jennifer Dulos at her house and then driven off with her body, which has never been located.

The wife of Fotis Dulos disappeared on May 24, 2019, but he denied killing her. A probate court has since declared her deceased.

Troconis helped Dulos dispose of the victim’s bloodstained clothes, clean a car thought to have been used in the crime, burn the evidence, and attempt to help her boyfriend fabricate an alibi, according to the prosecution.

It was revealed during the trial that the teenager frequently snapped at his mother because his parents were divorcing.

In an aggressive sentencing defense, Troconis refuted claims that she plotted to take Jennifer Dulos’ place and establish herself as a prosperous suburban mom.

Troconis, a Venezuelan native who listened to the proceedings through an interpreter, was characterized by family and friends as an animal lover and a selfless supporter of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Solimene stated that there were serious risks for him and his church associated with his testimony on Friday.

Gloria Farber, the mother of the victim, stated that the family is still hoping to locate Jennifer’s body. The victim’s family releases purple balloons bearing messages to her in Central Park on her birthday, September 27, each year.

Jennifer Dulos’s longtime friend, Laurel Watts claimed that her loved ones were still in pain.

“I gave a eulogy at a memorial without a body. Her mother put a headstone over an empty grave,” Watts said. “Because Troconis assisted (Fotis) Dulos in the disposal of Jennifer’s body, all we do have is a bloody bra and a shirt stiff with Jennifer’s blood sliced up the center and all the horror engendered by these, our only artifacts, that’s what the kids have left of their beautiful, gentle mother.”

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