Hallie Biden Testifies She “Panicked” Upon Finding Gun In Hunter Biden’s Car


Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter Biden‘s brother Beau Biden, testified Thursday in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial. She recounted feeling “panicked” when she found and later discarded the firearm at the center of the case. Hallie also revealed that it was through Hunter Biden that she began using crack cocaine.

As the prosecution’s star witness, Hallie Biden’s testimony followed that of Gordon Cleveland, who testified Wednesday that he sold the firearm to Hunter Biden. Prosecutors have granted Hallie Biden immunity for her testimony.

After Hallie Biden’s testimony, the jury heard from two Delaware police officials and the man who discovered the gun in the trash. By the end of the day Thursday, the defense had not decided whether to call Hunter Biden to the stand.

Hallie Biden explained that she found the firearm while clearing out Hunter Biden’s car, which she often searched for drugs and alcohol. Prosecutors presented parking lot surveillance footage showing her driving into a grocery store parking lot, disposing of the gun in a dumpster, and later returning to search for the gun.

“I panicked,” Hallie Biden testified. “I wanted to get rid of them,” referring to the gun and bullets. She admitted that she didn’t inform Hunter Biden after discarding the gun and planned to “pretend” she wasn’t involved. However, Hunter Biden texted her when he noticed the gun was missing.

Prosecutors also highlighted text messages from the following days, including one in which Hunter Biden mentioned “buying” drugs and another where he described “sleeping on a car smoking crack.” These messages contradict the defense’s claim that Hunter Biden was not using drugs in October 2018 when he purchased the firearm.

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges related to the alleged purchase of a revolver in October 2018. Two charges pertain to making false statements on a federal gun form about his drug use, claiming he was not a user of or addicted to any controlled substance during a period when prosecutors allege he was addicted to crack cocaine. The third charge is for allegedly possessing the gun unlawfully. He reportedly had the gun for 11 days before Hallie Biden discarded it.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to the charges.