Baraboo High School Video: “Racist” Father Pushes Black Superintendent at Daughter’s Graduation To Prevent Handshake

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A Wisconsin father is facing a lot of backlash and possibly legal consequences after he allegedly rushed the stage and physically confronted the Black superintendent during his daughter’s graduation ceremony at Baraboo High School last week.

Viral video shows a man, identified as Matthew Eddy by authorities, approaching the stage as an unnamed female student was receiving her diploma and shaking hands with school officials, including Superintendent Rainey Briggs. Eddy can be seen grabbing Briggs by the arm and pushing him away, stating “That’s my daughter.”

Briggs responded telling Eddy “You better get up off me man. Get away from me bro,” as the crowd erupted in boos over the disruptive confrontation. The student looked visibly stunned by the transgressor’s actions.

The Baraboo Police Department confirmed Eddy was issued a criminal citation for disorderly conduct following the incident. Additionally, as per the information obtained by WMTB, Briggs submitted a temporary restraining order against Eddy. This legal document was employed by the former to provide a description of the incidents that transpired on that particular day.

“On the night of May 31, 2024, the Baraboo High School was having their high school graduation. At about 8:50p.m., M****** approached the stage quickly and put both of his hands on me to push me out of the way stating “you are not going to touch my (expletive) daughter.”

At that time I created space and stated “get your hands off me.” M****** then began to push and pry at me and I again put my hands out to keep M****** away from me. This took place in front of 2-3 thousand people.”

The shocking scene caused outrage on social media, with many condemning Eddy’s behavior as racist and unacceptable. Wisconsin State Rep. Francesca Hong called it “gross & racist conduct” that no one should have to endure on X. She also wrote:

The district’s school board released a statement condemning the “threatening, intimidating, or physically harming behaviors” witnessed at the ceremony. They wrote:

“No employee of the School District of Baraboo should fear for their physical safety when fulfilling their job duties or at any other time. That this adult felt emboldened to behave in this way in front of hundreds of students and other adults should deeply trouble us all; this type of behavior will not be tolerated. The School District of Baraboo Board of Education condemns such actions and asks the community to take a stand and speak out against this type of behavior that threatens the fabric of our democracy.”

This is not the first time Baraboo High School has been in the news for a controversial sensitive topic. Back in 2018, a photo surfaced online showing students doing a Nazi salute gesture. However, the New York Times reported that those students weren’t punished for it because the Superintendent at that time thought it would be an infringement on their First Amendment rights.