Miracle Baby Given 5% Chance To Live Suddenly Recovers Weeks After Surviving Fatal Crash


A family in Texas reports that their baby has made a miraculous recovery after he was not expected to survive a crash that claimed the life of his grandmother.

Bells police stated that the crash occurred on June 12 on U.S. 69 and Denison Street when a vehicle was rear-ended by a pickup truck while waiting to turn left. The car was pushed into oncoming traffic, where a semitruck then hit the vehicle.

Angela Woodson, identified as the driver of the vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her grandson, 3-month-old Roman, was taken to a hospital where he has been fighting for his life ever since. The boy’s family said doctors gave him a 5% chance to live.

Roman spent 11 days on a ventilator showing small signs of progression, which bought him a little more time during the donor process. However, each attempt to move forward with the process brought yet another dead end. On day 12, the decision was made to pull the ventilation tube out, leaving Woodson with no sense of certainty.

Then the unexpected happened. Roman’s doctors have no explanation as to how his recovery progressed this quickly, or at all.

At the crash scene, a roadside memorial stands in purple, Angela Woodson’s favorite color. The community mourns her absence but is staying strong for Roman. Community members have also started a petition to reduce the speed limit on U.S. 69 in the area by 30 mph.

Roman’s family said he is currently doing everything a baby should be doing and is expected to go home with his mother next week.