Zac Brown’s Estranged Wife Calls His Attempt To Remove Her Instagram Post Meritless


The estranged wife of country star Zac Brown has responded to a civil claim he filed seeking the removal of her Instagram post, which he argues violates a confidentiality agreement she signed.

Kelly Yazdi, 33, labeled Brown’s lawsuit “meritless” on social media and pledged to respond “swiftly and robustly.”

The couple is going through a divorce following a four-month marriage last year. Brown’s lawsuit, filed in Georgia on Friday, does not specify which post prompted it but requests an emergency order for its removal.

The claim contends that Yazdi breached a confidentiality agreement by sharing the post, which allegedly tarnished Brown’s reputation. It also seeks to prevent her from making any damaging statements about him.

Yazdi addressed the situation on her Instagram account Sunday, stating that the lawsuit pertains to two poems she shared on a personal social media account and arguing that they did not violate any confidentiality agreements.

Yazdi accused Brown of sensationalizing their private affairs through an unnecessary divorce filing, a defamatory portrayal of their marriage in a music video, and a baseless public lawsuit and press release on Friday.

In a statement on Saturday, Brown emphasized that the lawsuit aims to uphold their agreement to maintain confidentiality and protect their family from online harassment and speculation. He expressed his desire to handle private matters privately and move forward with mutual respect.

Representatives for Brown did not immediately respond to requests for comment regarding Yazdi’s statement.

Based in Georgia, Brown leads the two-time Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band. Yazdi, described on her website as a SAG-AFTRA actress, stuntwoman, model, and brand ambassador, has appeared on “Hawaii Five-0” and is passionate about motorcycle riding and spearfishing. She resides in Los Angeles.