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Viewers Criticize New Apple Ad For Destruction – Watch Video


When an advertisement garners widespread attention, it typically stems from one of two reasons—either it deeply resonates with viewers, prompting them to discuss it incessantly, or it elicits such strong disapproval that people rush to social media to express their dislike.

An Apple advertisement for its latest iPad Pro which it says is the most slim yet powerful iPad appears to fall into the latter category. In the video shared on social media by Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday, the ad initially presents itself as a tribute to human creativity through the ages.

The scene unfolds in a warehouse-like space, where a variety of creative tools, including a metronome, a record player, and a piano, are showcased alongside modern items like an ’80s arcade video game and a trumpet. Dominating the space are two large metal slabs, one of which descends ominously as the ad begins.

Set to the tune of Sonny & Cher’s “All I Ever Need Is You,” the hydraulic press methodically crushes every item in its path within a span of 40 seconds, leaving behind a gleaming iPad Pro.

As the debris is cleared, the ad emphasizes the iPad Pro’s prowess, declaring it “the most powerful iPad ever” in a voiceover, while Cher’s voice serenades the scene.

The concept appears to draw inspiration from the viral trend of hydraulic press videos, where various objects are flattened under extreme pressure, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing destruction.

Apple seemingly aims to leverage this fascination with destruction to underscore the iPad Pro’s capability to serve as a multifaceted tool for creative expression.

However, despite its intent, the ad fails to strike a chord with many viewers, missing the mark on its intended message.

“I’m not sure ‘wanton destruction of all the good and beautiful things is (sic) this world’ was really the vibe you were trying for,” said another commenter on X.

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