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Rupert Murdoch’s Quiet Aid To Mike Johnson Surviving Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Ouster Attempt


Rupert Murdoch, though not seeking attention from cameras, recently showcased his enduring influence within the Republican Party in a subtle manner.

The media tycoon’s expansive empire, including Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, overtly supported Mike Johnson amidst Marjorie Taylor Greene’s fervent assault on the House Speaker for passing a Ukrainian aid package. Murdoch’s influential media outlets not only endorsed Johnson but also launched scathing critiques against Greene, with the New York Post labeling her as “MOSCOW MARJORIE” on its cover.

However, Murdoch stood out as an exception within the right-wing media landscape. While his media outlets backed Johnson, the more hardline faction of MAGA Media relentlessly attacked him. Figures such as Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, Breitbart, and The Gateway Pundit portrayed Johnson as a weak Republican who betrayed conservatism to serve the Democrats.

Despite the onslaught against Johnson, it failed to unseat him from his leadership position, as the House swiftly rejected Greene’s resolution. This outcome was influenced by Donald Trump’s lack of support for Greene and the Democrats’ backing of Johnson.

Fox News, notably, downplayed the vote, offering minimal coverage compared to CNN and MSNBC, which provided extensive live reporting.

This episode underscored Murdoch’s enduring sway within the GOP, despite recent declines in his influence. His media empire remains a pivotal force in the right-wing media sphere. Without Murdoch’s outlets condemning Johnson, Greene’s efforts lacked the momentum to threaten his leadership.

The situation could have unfolded differently if Murdoch had chosen otherwise. Had Fox News intensified criticism of Johnson, it could have escalated within the GOP and influenced Trump’s response.

However, Murdoch’s invisible support shielded Johnson from a potentially dire situation. Amid portrayals of Johnson as a traitor in other right-wing media, Murdoch’s backing served as a crucial defense, preventing attacks from penetrating the GOP’s core and safeguarding Johnson’s power.

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