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Random Videos Of illegal Immigrants “Asylum Seekers” Attacking People, Destroying Properties In Europe & The USA, Taking Up Homes Of Citizens

Aside from migrants getting a free ride on top of a moving bus in New York City, here are other random videos on social media showing unprovoked attacks from illegal immigrants popularly referred to as asylum seekers on unsuspecting people on the streets.

These recorded events which occur across EU countries and the United States show illegal immigrants, mostly young males, physically assaulting citizens, destroying properties, and committing other forms of hate crimes. Some victims were robbed, sexually assaulted, raped or murdered.

Watch below:

Illegal Immigrants Attack Romans & Tourists In Rome Termini Station – Video

As posted by RadioGenoa: “This is a dramatic situation in Rome Termini station where undocumented “asylum seekers” attack Romans and tourists. A situation completely out of control. Giorgia Meloni promised us mass deportations but she didn’t do it. We need to restore order and discipline.”

African Immigrant Slaps & Kicks White Girl For Refusing His Advances – Video

As posted by Paul Golding: “African immigrant slaps white girl in the face after she refuses his perverted advances. Another immigrant then kicks her from behind. They are all laughing whilst this happens. Is this the future you want for your children?”

Man Chops Off Hand Of Another Man During Machete Fight – Video

Two black men were fighting and cutting themselves with a machete when one cut the other hands off. The man with a severed hand casually picks his hand up from the ground after the fight.

Man Complains That UK Might Become Like Durban South Africa Full Of Dirt Due To Homeless Illegal Migrants – Video

Long Queue Of Illegal Immigrants At Benefits Office in East London Will Ruin Britain Due To High Level Of Unemployment & Welfare Dependency – Video

Islamic Mob In Germany Wants Islamic Caliphate & Sharia Law, Attacks German Police – Video

Courageous Spanish Citizens Disarm Migrant Armed With Huge Blade – Video

Irish Man Says He Will Lose His Home To Illegal Immigrants “Asylum Seekers” – Video

As posted by RadioGenoa: “On Wednesday I will lose my home to a family of fake asylum seekers. You and your friend are traitors to the country!” A very angry Irishman says to an Irish socialist woman who wants to get an African elected in Irish local elections. Thoughts?”

Immigrant Taught How To Use A Spoon To Eat In Spain – Video

Illegal Immigrant Throws Hand-Out Money On The Floor In Free Hotel Room – Video

Here an alleged immigrant is seen spraying his welfare money on the ground of his hotel room which was also given to him free-of-charge.

Homeless People In Ireland Allegedly Taken From Their Tents To Make Room For Refugees/Immigrants – Video

A homeless Irish woman on video reported that she was removed from her tent early in the morning by the national police and security service of Ireland, known as Garda Síochána, and later in the day, her space and tent was given out and occupied by refugees.

Immigrant Masturbating In A Bus Beside Other Passengers – Video

A black man was recorded masturbating in a moving public bus, with other passengers seated beside him. “At least he covered his penis with a blanket”, one pointed out.

Refugee/Asylum Seeker Angry Because They Are Tired Of Staying In Free Hotels & Want Their Own Homes In The UK – Video

Here is a video of the leader of a group of Asylum seeker complaining that they have being living in hotel rooms for two years and want their own houses. According to the refugee from Sudan, his group are angry, having being moved across to hotels which are fully funded by British tax payers.

The refugee when asked, said he cannot be relocated again to another hotel location and will make a protest if asked to do so.

Illegal Migrant Destroying Parked Cars In Germany – Video

The video shared by Dr. PMS shows ann illegal migrant smashing the windshield of cars in a public park in Germany.

Migrants On Top Of Moving Bus In New York City

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