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Random Videos Of Anti-Semitic Attacks On Israelis In The US, Arab Countries & World & Other Hate Crimes Directed Against Jews

Here are random videos gathered from the internet showing anti-Semitic attacks on Jews living in various neighborhoods in the United States, Arab countries, and around the world.

Some of these attacks and hate crimes on Jewish people as seen in many of the recorded footage were perpetuated not only by Palestinians but by people of differing origins.

Watch the videos below:

Woman Armed With Large Knife Arrested In Front Of Lucien de Hirsch Jewish School in Paris – Video

    Hezbollah Father Says He Will Put Explosives On His Baby To Bomb Israel On Leader Hassan Nasrallah’s Request – Video

    As posted by Visegrád 24: “A Hezbollah supporter dehumanizes his newborn son by saying that he would put explosives on him and send him to Israel if that would be asked of him by the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah”.

    Anti-Israel students and activists destroying the University of Amsterdam – Video

    According to Visegrad, anti-Israel students and activists were destroying the University of Amsterdam for the “Palestinian cause”.

    Palestinian Lullaby For Children Sings About Parent Buying Gun For Child To Kill The Jews

    A post stared by Nioh Berg allegedly shows a woman singing a Palestinian lullaby for children in which the child asks his mother to tell his father to buy him a loaded gun so he can fight the jews.

    “Oh Mommy, tell Daddy, To buy me a rifle, And load it and hide it, And with it fight the Jew”, it read.

    Palestinian Children Allegedly In Gaza Act Killing Of Jews & Israelis In A Public Show – Video

    A video posted by David Atherton shows little children acting like military men and soldiers and fighting Israelis.

    “This is a video from Gaza where Palestinian children, some as young as 4, enact the killing Jews & Israelis. The vast majority are brainwashed at an early age”, Atherton says.

    Alleged List Of Massacres & Crimes Carried Out By Arabs Against Jews – Names & Dates

    According to Nioh Berg, here is an list of alleged massacres and mass attacks carried out by Arabs against the Israelis and Jews before 1948.

    1834 – Looting of Safed
    1886 – Petah Tikva pogrom
    1908 – Jaffa massacre
    1920 – Nebi Musa pogrom
    1921 – Jaffa massacre
    1920 – Tel-Hai massacre
    1921 – Bnai Yehuda massacre
    1921 – Metula massacre
    1920-1921 – Dganai massacre
    1921 – Menaheima massacre
    1921 – Ayelet Ha’shachar massacre
    1929 – Jerusalem massacre
    1929 – Hebron massacre
    1929 – Jaffa massacre
    1929 – Gaza massacre
    1929 – Nablus massacre
    1929 – Ramla massacre
    1929 – Jenin massacre
    1929 – Acre massacre
    1929 – Tel-Aviv massacre
    1929 – Har tuv massacre
    1929 – Kfar uria massacre
    1929 – Be’er Tuvia massacre
    1929 – Beit she’an massacre
    1929 – Gedara massacre
    1929 – Moza massacre
    1929 – Mishmar ha’emek massacre
    1929 – Chulda massacre
    1929 – Ein Zeitim massacre
    1929 – Haifa massacre
    1936 – Jerusalem massacre
    1936 – Anabta massacre
    1936 – Bloody Jaffa massacre

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