Knicks’ Josh Hart Dislikes Indiana, Except For Long’s Donuts


Josh Hart has found himself spending nearly 72 hours in Indianapolis without discovering any newfound appreciation for the city. Despite this, he admits he hasn’t made much effort to explore.

Speaking before Game 4 of the Knicks’ Eastern Conference semifinals against the Pacers, Hart expressed his reluctance to venture far from the hotel, hoping to avoid a Game 6 return trip. Given his intense playoff schedule, averaging 46.4 minutes per game along with notable statistics, it’s understandable that he prioritizes rest.

In a candid moment on his “Roommates Show” podcast with teammate Jalen Brunson, Hart openly admitted his lack of enthusiasm for Indianapolis, even mentioning he hadn’t considered attending All-Star weekend there.

Clarifying his stance, Hart emphasized that Indianapolis isn’t necessarily his least favorite NBA destination, just not one that excites him. Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, and having played basketball in cities like D.C. and Philadelphia, Hart’s preferences naturally lean towards more bustling locales like Los Angeles and New York.

Despite efforts by friends like Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton to promote Indy, Hart ultimately signed a lucrative contract extension with the Knicks during his stint with Team USA, bypassing any potential move to Indiana.

Despite his reservations, Hart remains open to trying local eateries, particularly praising Long’s Bakery for its donuts, based on a recommendation from a Trailblazers’ athletic trainer. Although he considered visiting Yaso’s Jamaican Grill, he opted out for similar reasons.

Haliburton hopes to sway Hart’s opinion during regular-season visits, planning to introduce him to Savor in Carmel, though he acknowledges changing Hart’s mind about Indianapolis might be a tall order.