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Jeff Daniels Claims He Couldn’t Pass Up The Role In Netflix’s ‘A Man In Full’

jeff daniels-a-man-in-full

In Netflix’s “A Man In Full,” Jeff Daniels portrays Charlie Croker, a real estate magnate in Atlanta driven to win at all costs, especially when his empire faces bankruptcy and relentless adversaries.

The six-episode limited series, which premiered on May 2, boasts a star-studded lineup both in front of and behind the camera. Adapted by David E. Kelley from Tom Wolfe’s novel of the same name, Kelley served as showrunner and executive producer.

Regina King and Tommy Schlamme directed three episodes each and also served as executive producers. Joining Daniels in the cast are Tom Pelphrey, Diane Lane, Lucy Liu, William Jackson Harper, Aml Ameen, Sarah Jones, Jon Michael Hill, Bill Camp, and Chanté Adams.

Despite Charlie’s shrewdness in business, he underestimates his most formidable foe yet, Raymond Peepgrass, portrayed by Tom Pelphrey. Raymond, driven by vengeance and Schadenfreude, becomes determined to destroy Charlie, leading to a high-stakes battle reminiscent of the adage about revenge.

Raymond proves to be a dangerous adversary, having nothing to lose and everything to gain from Charlie’s downfall. Their conflict forms the core of the narrative, creating a tense standoff between two determined men.

Discussing Charlie’s downfall, Daniels reflects on his character’s journey from riches to ruin, highlighting the humanity and introspection that follow his fall from grace.

As for the series’ ending, Daniels avoids spoilers but praises Kelley’s departure from Wolfe’s novel, emphasizing the unpredictability and quality of storytelling.

Daniels explained how fun and challenging it is as an actor to blend drama with comedy. “With Charlie, there are serious scenes and issues but you’ve also got to be funny, but you’ve got to be funny without winking at the camera.

You’ve got to inhabit this guy and he doesn’t know he’s funny. It was the same with Dumb and Dumber. Harry Dunne doesn’t know he’s funny and neither does Charlie Croker. He just is. That’s the magic trick actors attempt to try and pull off.”

Daniels praises Kelley’s writing prowess, expressing excitement over each script’s surprises and twists, ensuring that both he and the audience remain captivated until the very end.

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