Caitlin Clark And The Fever Welcome WNBA’s Approval Of Charter Flights


Indiana Fever newcomer Caitlin Clark has swiftly become one of the most recognizable figures in the WNBA. However, during her first road trip last week, the league’s top overall draft pick encountered the same inconveniences as her fellow players at a Dallas airport, rather than boarding a direct flight.

This experience has prompted Clark to hope for smoother travel arrangements in the future, a sentiment echoed by her teammates, as league commissioner Cathy Engelbert explores the possibility of regular charter flights for all 12 WNBA teams.

Engelbert’s commitment to improving travel conditions follows a season marked by safety concerns, exemplified by an incident involving Phoenix Mercury’s Brittney Griner at an airport. The league has acknowledged the need for enhanced player safety measures, with veteran stars advocating for measures such as charter flights.

Despite the absence of a definite timeline, Engelbert aims to address this issue, supported by the urgency expressed by seasoned figures like Fever coach Christie Sides, who recalls past instances of travel hardships.

The anticipation for charter flights is palpable among both long-time league affiliates and rising stars like Clark, whose impact on WNBA ticket sales and television ratings has been significant. Moreover, the Fever’s upcoming season promises increased visibility, with 17 of their games set to be broadcast across twelve television markets, spanning multiple states.

This expanded coverage offers fans an opportunity to witness Clark and her teammates in action, potentially reaching 4.6 million households.

Indiana’s season opener against the Connecticut Sun on May 14 will kick off this season of enhanced coverage, with the first broadcast scheduled two days later as they face the New York Liberty. Despite a challenging previous season, where the Fever finished 10th in the league, there’s renewed optimism surrounding the team, buoyed by the arrival of promising talents like Caitlin Clark.