Angels Center Fielder Mike Trout Needs Knee Surgery For Torn Meniscus


Mike Trout, the acclaimed center fielder for the Angels, who has faced numerous injuries in recent years, sustained a torn meniscus in his left knee, necessitating surgery.

The Angels did not specify a recovery timeline when they disclosed the injury on Tuesday. However, sources familiar with the situation suggested that a best-case scenario might entail a four-to-six-week recovery period. A definitive timeline hinges on further assessment by medical professionals. Surgery is anticipated to occur this week, with indications pointing to Friday.

Trout, hailed as one of the sport’s premier athletes until injuries plagued him over the past three seasons, visibly struggled emotionally while speaking to the press.

Adding to Trout’s frustration, at 32, is his inability to pinpoint when the injury occurred. Despite participating in Monday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, where he showcased his prowess by stealing bases and scoring runs, he began experiencing discomfort in his knee during the third inning.

As the game progressed, the discomfort intensified, prompting Trout to alert the team’s medical staff.

The plan was to undergo imaging if the discomfort persisted the following day. On Tuesday morning, Trout found himself unable to get out of bed. Subsequent MRI results confirmed the meniscus tear.

Trout’s diagnosis follows third baseman Anthony Rendon’s announcement four days prior regarding his “high-grade partial tear” in his left hamstring, further depleting the Angels’ roster. Both Trout and Rendon have been absent for significant portions of the past few seasons, despite commanding hefty salaries.

Their absence this season is particularly glaring following the departure of Shohei Ohtani to the Los Angeles Dodgers. With limited alternative options, including the recent designation of veteran outfielder Aaron Hicks, the Angels are left scrambling to fill crucial positions.

The Angels, who last appeared in the postseason a decade ago, find themselves struggling with an 11-19 record after a recent loss to the Phillies.

Trout, who dominated the league with his exceptional performance for much of his career, has seen his trajectory interrupted by recurring injuries. Despite his hopes for a healthy season in 2024, he now faces another extensive rehabilitation process.