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Stephen A Smith Drops Bombshell On Devin Booker’s Knicks Ambitions


The 2024 NBA playoffs witnessed the Minnesota Timberwolves swiftly eliminating the Phoenix Suns, marking a potential turning point in the league’s landscape.

Devin Booker, a cornerstone of the Suns since 2015, stands pivotal in the team’s current campaign. His multifaceted offensive prowess, leadership qualities, and adeptness in orchestrating plays highlight his indispensable role within the squad.

Beyond his scoring proficiency, Booker’s adept playmaking abilities underscore his significance, evidenced by his consistent high-level performances and notable contributions to the team’s triumphs.

Throughout his tenure with the Suns, Booker has experienced numerous roster changes, coaching transitions, and shifts in ownership.

Despite speculation from Stephen A. Smith regarding Booker’s potential departure, allegedly eyeing a move to the New York Knicks, it’s essential to note that such claims are founded solely on hearsay, lacking direct confirmation from Booker himself.

Smith’s remarks sparked varied reactions among fans, with some engaging in light-hearted banter directed towards him.

In the lead-up to Game 4, Devin Booker’s scoring average stood at a modest 20.3 points per game, until an explosive outburst saw him notch an impressive 49 points. Despite his individual achievements, the Suns often fall short, prompting considerations for Booker’s future, especially as he enters the later stages of his career. A transition to a team like the Knicks could be plausible given the circumstances.

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