Old Video Of UAE’s Foreign Minister Saying Europe Will Have More Radical Extremists & Terrorist In The Future Due To Poor Political Decision-Making Surfaces Amid Influx Of Illegal Immigrants As Muslim Interaktiv Demand Islamic Caliphate In Germany

A video of UAE’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan foretelling that Europe has far more radical extremist terrorists coming out of Europe because of a lack of decision-making, trying to be politically correct or assuming that they know the Middle East, and they know Islam and others far better than they do.

The clip resurfaced amid the current onslaught of illegal immigrants into European countries and increased crime rate.

Footage of illegal immigrants loitering the streets and causing havoc abound on the internet.

The video of UAE’s warning to Europe was posted on X Visegrád 24 and has been watched 57 million times.

Recently, hundreds of migrant Muslims under an organization called Muslim Interaktiv staged a protest in Germany where they demanded that an Islamic Caliphate be established in the country.

Watch the video below: