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Iconic Journalist Dan Rather Makes A Comeback On CBS For Exclusive Interview – Video


Dan Rather made a notable return to CBS News after an 18-year hiatus, granting a reflective interview on “CBS Sunday Morning” ahead of the premiere of a Netflix documentary delving into his remarkable life as a seasoned newsman.

Having spent 44 years at the network, including 24 years as the anchor of the esteemed “CBS Evening News,” Rather’s departure was shrouded in controversy following a contentious investigation into then-President George W. Bush’s military service. His final sign-off as anchor on March 9, 2005, marked the end of an era, leading to his departure from the network 15 months later when his contract concluded.

Despite his storied tenure, Rather’s relationship with former CBS chief Leslie Moonves remained strained, effectively relegating him to the sidelines of the news division he once dominated.

“Without apology or explanation, I miss CBS,” Rather told correspondent Lee Cowan in the interview that aired Sunday. “I’ve missed it since the day I left.”

In the forthcoming Netflix documentary titled “Rather,” scheduled for release on Wednesday, the veteran journalist reflects on the turbulent events that shaped his career trajectory, including candid insights from his wife, Jean, who offered a sobering perspective on the fallout from his clash with the president.

Post-CBS, Rather ventured into investigative journalism and conducted high-profile interviews for HDNet, a digital cable and satellite television network. Embracing the digital age, he has garnered attention from a new generation through his candid presence on social media platforms.

“You either get engaged and you get engaged in the new terms … or you’re out of the game,” Rather said in the CBS interview, filmed at his home in Texas. “And I wanted to stay in the game.”

Throughout the documentary, Rather’s illustrious career journey is meticulously chronicled, from his coverage of pivotal events like President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the Vietnam War to his tenure as a revered anchor and his post-network endeavors. Notably, the documentary sheds light on some of Rather’s more peculiar encounters, including an assault in New York City and an unexpected appearance onstage with R.E.M.

Despite his monumental contributions to journalism, Rather remains modest when discussing his legacy, a sentiment echoed both in the documentary and during his CBS interview.

“In the end, whatever remains of one’s life — family, friends — those are going to be the things for which you’re remembered,” he said.

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