Clippers Expose Cracks In Suns’ Armor With Devastating Loss


Monday’s solar eclipse marked the first such event since 2017, but astrologists seemingly overlooked the celestial shifts occurring within the Phoenix Suns this season, where certain stars are conspicuously absent, leaving the team shrouded in darkness.

Phoenix’s embarrassing trend of faltering against teams missing their key players persisted on Tuesday, culminating in a lackluster 105-92 defeat against the Los Angeles Clippers, who were without Kawhi Leonard (right knee inflammation) and James Harden (right foot inflammation).

Despite a second-half surge that narrowed the deficit to seven points after trailing by as much as 37, the final score masked the Suns’ overall poor performance.

With the regular season’s end looming, the stakes are at their highest, with a potential play-in tournament fate hanging in the balance. For the Suns, the playoffs essentially commenced two weeks ago, yet their inconsistency continues to undermine their aspirations.

An unsettling pattern has emerged within the Suns, reflecting a team in disarray. Every fleeting moment of success since Christmas has been juxtaposed with confounding defeats like Tuesday’s, eroding any lingering optimism for the season.

Amidst the team’s struggles, questions of accountability within the locker room linger. Insights from head coach Frank Vogel, Kevin Durant, and Devin Booker shed light on the team’s internal dynamics.

However, there were no quotes that adequately captured the magnitude of Tuesday’s debacle. Booker acknowledged the weight of consecutive defeats but fell short of articulating the team’s frustration.

While credit is due to the fans for their unwavering support, the Suns must reassess their lineup strategies, particularly abandoning a two-center rotation in favor of small-ball lineups. Despite clear indications that a backup center hinders offensive momentum, Vogel’s reluctance to embrace this shift remains evident.

As the Suns face uncertainty regarding Jusuf Nurkic’s availability for Wednesday’s rematch against the Clippers, their standings position hangs in the balance. A loss to the New Orleans Pelicans has dropped Phoenix to seventh place, heightening the importance of upcoming matchups against the Sacramento Kings.

To secure a playoff spot and potentially avoid a play-in game, the Suns must navigate a challenging path ahead, relying on both their on-court performance and external outcomes to secure their postseason fate.