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Skip Bayless: Anthony Edwards’ Block Was The Simplest You’ll Ever Witness


Wolves fans, your club has finally caught the national media’s attention, but it’s been a mixed bag of recognition.

Thursday night saw Anthony Edwards steal the spotlight, scoring an impressive 44 points in the Wolves’ narrow 113-111 victory against the Pacers. His performance peaked with a game-saving block at the buzzer, where he even collided with the rim as he soared for the highlight-worthy defensive play.

However, even such a remarkable display failed to impress Skip Bayless, the perpetual skeptic and perhaps the most unpopular figure in sports talk.

“This was killing a gnat with a sledgehammer,” Bayless boldly proclaimed Friday on Fox Sports’ Undisputed. “This was the easiest block you’ll ever see because he’s so far above it that I don’t know.”

“He’s only above it because he’s accelerating and he went and got it in a clear path,” replied co-host Keyshawn Johnson. “Had he not went and got that, the ball hits the top [of the backboard] and falls right in.”

“Oh you really thinks so? Jaden McDaniels is going to block that easy,” responded Bayless.

“No he’s not. Why didn’t Jaden McDaniels go up and get it then,” asked Johnson.

“Because Ant-man comes completely over the top of him,” replied Bayless.

Let’s face it, we’re not sure which recreational leagues Skip Bayless frequents, but it’s rare to witness your average Joe soaring over 10 feet in the air to execute a block like Edwards did.

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