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The Reason Behind Jack McCoy’s Departure Revealed In Sam Waterston’s Last Law & Order Episode


After a decades-long tenure as a prosecutor, Jack McCoy bids farewell, portrayed with unwavering dedication by the exceptional Sam Waterston, remaining steadfast in his pursuit of justice until the very end.

McCoy’s poignant departure on Law & Order in the February 22 episode marked a fitting conclusion for the Manhattan district attorney, opting to conclude his longstanding career in exchange for ensuring the incarceration of a wealthy murderer. Fans were treated to one final courtroom showdown as McCoy argued his case, epitomizing the role that defined his career.

Earlier this month, Waterston penned a heartfelt letter to fans announcing his departure from the show after portraying Jack McCoy since 1994, expressing his desire to explore new opportunities.

Waterston’s farewell episode served as a touching homage to McCoy, a fervent attorney dedicated to holding the guilty accountable. Season 23, Episode 5 commenced with the discovery of dating app founder Veronica Knight’s body in Central Park. The investigation led to prime suspect “tech titan” Scott Kelton, an exceedingly wealthy individual and significant donor to New York City‘s mayor.

Knight’s history with Kelton, including an alleged rape six years prior, fueled suspicions that he was responsible for her murder. However, as McCoy unveiled the charges during a press conference, it became evident that the case would be far from straightforward.

Facing obstacles such as the withdrawal of Knight’s therapist as a witness, prosecutors scrambled to establish Kelton’s motive. Their breakthrough came with the revelation that the mayor’s son, Jordan, had been present during the alleged assault on the same business trip as Knight.

Despite Jordan’s reluctance to testify, citing loyalty to Kelton and concerns about his extramarital affair during the trip, Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price assured him that his indiscretions would not be exploited in court. Yet, Jordan remained apprehensive, aware of the defense’s potential tactics to undermine his credibility.

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