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Nevada Caucus Results: Trump Strengthens GOP Control


Former President Donald Trump easily clinched victory in the Nevada caucuses on Thursday, further solidifying his path toward securing the Republican nomination.

This win marks his third significant triumph following dominant performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, effectively consolidating his influence over the party’s selection process. Additionally, Trump secured success in the Republican caucuses held in the U.S. Virgin Islands, garnering an additional four delegates to bolster his total count.

With the overwhelming majority of caucus votes in his favor, Trump’s principal opponent, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, failed to receive any votes due to her absence from the caucus ballot. As a result of his triumph in the caucuses, Trump is set to claim the state’s 26 delegates, further enhancing his delegate count.

The culmination of the nominating process in Nevada was marked by its complexity, as the state conducted two separate nominating contest votes. Despite legislation passed in 2021 aimed at simplifying the process by transitioning to a direct primary vote, the nominating contests remained under the jurisdiction of political parties rather than the state.

The Nevada Republican Party, largely composed of Trump supporters, opted to retain the caucus system, which also determines the allocation of delegates.

Haley’s negligible investment of time and resources in Nevada was evident, particularly as she ran uncontested in the more symbolic Republican primary yet still faced defeat, with a significant portion of voters selecting the “none of these candidates” option. Trump’s victory not only bolsters his momentum but also serves as a significant advantage heading into the forthcoming primary in South Carolina, Haley’s home state.

Despite Haley’s commitment to continuing her campaign, emphasizing her focus on South Carolina where she previously served as governor for six years, polls indicate Trump maintains a commanding lead ahead of the Feb. 24 primary.

Trump himself expressed indifference towards Haley’s persistence in the race, albeit noting his belief that her continued candidacy could be detrimental to the party’s interests.

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