WWE Survivor Series 2023 Results: CM Punk Returns To WWE


CM Punk made his WWE comeback at Survivor Series 2023, sparking a lot of rumors in the lead-up. Punk emerged after the men’s WarGames championship match.

WWE teased that Randy Orton wouldn’t be attending Survivor Series, which increased the tension, speculation, and innuendo. Loud cries of “CM Punk” emanated from the Allstate Arena during a backstage segment when Sami Zayn informed Jey Uso that Randy Orton was still not present.

Punk was cheered on by spectators during the men’s WarGames match. Ultimately, Orton turned up for a WWE comeback marred by rumors about him being a wrestler. Nevertheless, Orton’s eagerly anticipated return after an 18-month hiatus sparked a tremendous response.

CM Punk left AEW a long time ago, and with Survivor Series approaching in Punk’s home city of Chicago, there was intense conjecture about his potential WWE comeback. Every aspect of CM Punk’s potential comeback has been examined by fans, and rumors about it have only gotten stronger as a result of several WWE Easter Eggs.

In recent promos, Seth Rollins has used phrases like “best in the world” and “cry me a river.” Cody Rhodes said of Jey Uso on a Raw episode from September, right after Punk’s brawl with Jack Perry, “you are looking at somebody who has received a large amount of second chances.” He is among the best in the world, and I believe we should give him another chance and some time to prove to us that he has changed. Becky Lynch has referred to herself as a “catalyst for change” in jest.

And Shinsuke Nakamura comes next.

The WWE has used Shinsuke Nakamura as their own personal source for CM Punk rumors. It seems like the marketing is utilizing Nakamura to determine how interested fans are in seeing CM Punk make a comeback. In numerous matches since Punk’s violent exit from AEW, Nakamura has utilized Punk’s finisher, Go To Sleep.

During Nakamura’s match against Akira Tozawa on the Raw broadcast on November 6, fans chanted “CM Punk,” despite the fact that the move did not receive much support at first. In recent vignettes, Nakamura has been making cryptic promos in which he names an unidentified opponent. Since Chicago would host Survivor Series, many fans thought that CM Punk would be the opponent to be revealed in secret.