Stache The Sealyham Terrier Wins Best In Show At 2024 National Dog Show


This year’s National Dog Show saw the victory of Stache, a Sealyham terrier, as Best in Show.

At the yearly dog competition, which is organized by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia and televised by NBC on Thanksgiving Day, the male with cream colored hair and long hair cascading down from his broad forehead triumphed over six other nominees.

Scarcely taller than the judge’s knees, Stache had to stoop to get a good look at the silver platter he had just won. Margery Good, his handler, grinned widely as she accepted the prize.

“He just gave a wonderful performance,” she said. “He stretched his little short legs and hands and flew around this ring.”

A group consisting of a German shepherd, a Great Dane, a Shih Tzu, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, and an Azawakh, a West African hound, was vanquished by Stache.

Pumpkin, a Dalmatian, took second place and was named Reserve Best in Show. In this year’s competition, up to 2,000 dogs representing over 200 breeds and varieties took part. In 2001, there were just 165 breeds on display at the inaugural National Dog Show.

GCHP Goodspice Efbe Money Stache is the registered name of Stache. He was awarded today’s prestigious prize not far from his home in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. Prior to this victory, Stache was the nation’s #2-ranked Terrier and 12th-ranked All-Breed show dog. He has 49 Best in Show awards to his name.

The Sealyham terrier, according to the American Kennel Club, is “brave and spirited, but not as spiky as small terriers.” It describes them as robust, gregarious, and cunning friends.

Purina, the company that presented this year’s National Dog Show, estimates that more than 20 million animal lovers tuned in.

In addition to the judging, viewers can learn a lot of interesting facts.

For instance, only two breeds—the Scottish deerhound and the wire fox terrier—have won twice out of the more than 30,000 dogs that have participated in the show over the years. Only one Best in Show has been won by three of the most well-liked breeds of dogs: German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Golden Retrievers. Additionally, Raisin the Doberman pinscher won the title in 2003, and Whiskey the whippet did so in 2018. Both dogs have names that are related to food.