Reece James Sent Off As Chelsea Falls To Newcastle

Reece James Sent Off As Chelsea Falls To Newcastle

Chelsea is one step behind again after their captain Reece James was sent off in a heavy defeat to Newcastle at St. James Park on Saturday. 

Chelsea’s manager Mauricio Pochettino was suspended from the sidelines after accumulating yellow cards. 

The Blues looked like they were getting better after improved performances against Tottenham and Manchester City. 

Many Blue players got booked for the most ridiculous reasons. Thiago Silver’s silly mistake cost Chelsea a go. Reece James was sent off in the 73rd minute after he was shown a second yellow for a challenge. 

Reacting to his side’s performance, Pochettino said: 

“We didn’t show that we were playing for something important,” he said.

“Even if Newcastle weren’t great, it was an easy win for them to prepare for the Champions League. We had to show that it was going to be difficult for them to play, to win the game, and to beat us.

“But it was really easy in the way that we conceded and the way that we were so soft in every single challenge.

“That’s what makes me angry and disappointed. We talk about being a young team and we have to learn, but I think these types of games make me very, very, very, very, very angry because it’s about showing your personality and character.

“OK, we are young as a team, but we cannot lose this type of opportunity to show our best.”

“It was our worst game of the season. It was tough to be in the stands,” added Pochettino, who watched the game from the directors’ box. 

This is Chelsea’s fifth loss of the season and they sit in the 10th position. They are losing the top four battle as Tottenham who are 4th are 10 points ahead.