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Liz Truss Supports Trump, Advocates For Republican Presidential Triumph


Liz Truss, holding the record for the shortest-serving prime minister in British history, endorsed Donald Trump for the upcoming US presidential election in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

Despite facing 91 criminal charges, including attempts to overturn his 2020 defeat, Trump currently leads in Republican presidential candidate polls. Truss, who spent only 49 days as the UK Prime Minister, expressed her preference for a Republican president without explicitly naming Trump.

In her article titled “The World Again Needs American Leadership,” Truss invoked Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War. While not directly mentioning Trump, she has previously praised him as “very good” and “very nice,” reciprocated by Trump stating he thinks “very highly” of her.

“The world would benefit from more of that kind of American leadership today,” Truss wrote. “I hope that a Republican will be returned to the White House in 2024. There must be conservative leadership in the US that is once again bold enough to call out hostile regimes as evil and a threat.”

Published during her visit to Washington with Conservative Friends of Ukraine, Truss emphasized the importance of American leadership in the face of threats from China, Iran, and Russia, though she did not explicitly mention President Biden. Truss implicitly criticized Biden while advocating for a “total Ukrainian victory” against Russian invaders, a goal also pursued by Biden but opposed by some hard-right Republicans.

Truss lamented the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, negotiated under Trump but executed under Biden. Earlier this year, she visited Washington, aligning with the Heritage Foundation, a hard-right group planning for a potential second Trump term. Trump has discussed consolidating conservative influence and targeting political adversaries if re-elected.

Truss faced a tumultuous exit from office, blamed for economic chaos resulting from a mini-budget that combined substantial spending promises with tax cuts. The Daily Star highlighted her short tenure with a livestream comparing it to the decomposition of a lettuce.

After Truss’s comments supporting a Republican win in 2024, Tom Walker, a comedian who performs as the reporter Jonathan Pie, wrote online: “Liz Truss has apparently endorsed Trump. Well, that’s practically him back in for certain now.

“Now if he can just get the lettuce onside as well … ”

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