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Kyle Rittenhouse Isn’t Taking Hold Of Whoopi Goldberg’s Property


Online social media users are taking seriously a satirical article that claims Whoopi Goldberg‘s Beverly Hills mansion has a $22 million lien placed on it by Kyle Rittenhouse because she refused to pay him a settlement.

A lien is a term used to describe a formal claim made against real estate when the owner owes money.

The claim is stated in a Facebook post that has been archived, saying, “Whoopi Goldberg still hasn’t paid Kyle Rittenhouse for their settlement agreement. Kyle recently placed a $22 million lien on her Beverly Hills mansion. “She gave me no other option.”

The satirical article “Kyle Rittenhouse Registers a Lien Against Whoopi Goldberg’s Malibu Home for $22 Million,” which appeared in the Dunning-Kruger Times, a division of America’s Last Line of Defense, on July 9, 2023, is where the claim first appeared.

The website’s “About” page states that “everything on this website is fiction.” The Dunning-Kruger effect, which explains how ignorant people frequently overestimate their knowledge more than experts do, is referenced in the site’s name.

In November 2021, Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder after a contentious trial concerning the shooting deaths of two men in 2020.

Rittenhouse’s defense lawyer, Mark Richards, told Reuters via email that Rittenhouse placed a lien on Goldberg’s estate is “not true.”

Reuters was unable to locate any documentation of a $22 million lawsuit between Rittenhouse and Goldberg or a lien on Goldberg’s Beverly Hills home.

Rittenhouse won a $22 million award in a defamation lawsuit against The View, and Reuters previously addressed a false claim from the same satirical publication.

Parody. A satirical article is the source of claims that Kyle Rittenhouse placed a $22 million lien on Whoopi Goldberg’s Beverly Hills mansion.

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